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[PATCH] Rise of Fellowship 10/26/2011

Maplestory will be undergoing a patch on Thursday morning. The downtimes are listed below:

Pacific: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM Thursday, October 27, 2011 
Eastern: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rise of Fellowship

This month’s patch is entitled “Rise of Fellowship” which highlights the main new content available in the game: Monster Familiars.

What are Monster Familiars?

Monster familiars are the latest addition to Global Maplestory, directly imported from Japan Maplestory. This will mark the second time GMS has directly taken JMS original content to implement in the game without first being released in Korea Maplestory. Think of a monster familiar as a summon or companion that follows you around for a set duration, attacking monsters for you or buffing you.

Below is a demonstration of Monster Familiar (JMS)

As you can gather from the video, monster familiars are summoned directly from a special type of card in your inventory. These cards can be obtained at a fairly common rate through monster drops and can also be obtained through Starter and Booster Packs. Once you activate a monster card from your inventory, you are given the option to name your monster. The card is then transferred from your USE inventory to your Crusader Codex where it will be available for 30 days thereafter.

More information on Monster Familiars will become available once the patch goes live, including guides on how to attain Monster Familiars and which Monster Familiar is best for your class or level.


Only available for characters level 15-120!

Sidekick is a new game feature that promotes playing with lower level characters. You can activate Sidekick by right clicking a character who is more than 5 levels above/below you and selecting the Sidekick option. A window will pop up confirming your side kick relationship.

While you are in a Sidekick relationship, you will be entitled to several perks including:

A number of quests are also available for side kick relationships that will be covered in our extensive post patch guide!

spookygengar-deactivated2013020 said: I'd love a video commentary for the fact that it gets your viewer closer to the people making it, and most people would probably scroll by it I think for training videos and info do videos but skill builds I say just type because a video isn't really needed for that :3 hope this helps

Pretty much what I was planning to do - I agree 100%. The ‘class guides’ bit will have a very short introduction, followed by a video guide, followed by the full SP allocation and a link to the generic training locations list. I think this layout would be ideal, thanks a ton for your input :)

Mike’s introduction


If you’re reading this chances are you’ve been directed to Maple411 somehow. Good. Nice one.

I thought I’d introduce myself, I’m Mike! I’m the content manager apparently. We’ll see how that goes. I’m 18 years old and live in England, I’ve been playing MapleStory Global for about 5 years on and off, my highest level being MazzStrike, a 166 Dark Knight in Windia. I’ve done all sorts of boss runs, party quests and other in-game related stuff so we’re hoping that I’ll be somewhat useful in terms of providing information. That’s the plan! I’ve also got a plethora of other 4th job characters, including a Night Lord, Shadower, Bishop, Bowmaster, Marksman and Buccaneer. I’ll be working on skill builds and general class guides for all of the characters I’m vaguely experienced in, so if you’re interested in any of that you should definitely stick around.

If you want to help out by contributing any quest guides, training guides, skill builds or general walkthroughs for MapleStory you should definitely send us a PM (or a question, I think it goes by Ask! on Tumblr, I’ll tell Patt to enable it) and we’ll add it to the list of stuff that we’re going to be posting. 

I’ll end on a question. How useful do you think it would be for video commentary guides as opposed to big walls of text? I might be more inclined to record a bit of gameplay and record some commentary over the top of it in order to give off a feel for the class rather than just writing about it. Just curious, as there seems to be a growing trend for MS related commentary videos on YouTube. Post a comment or something if you’d like to. See you around!

-Mike xd

The Revolution Has Begun!

First and foremost, welcome to Maple411 BETA! This blog will be used as a temporary home for our content as we finish building our website. If you are not sure what Maple411 is, we’ve briefly answered a few questions about the site below.

What is Maple411?

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Who runs Maple411?

When can I expect to see the full Maple411 website?

That’s it from us for now folks! Stay tuned for more information regarding MapleStory and Maple411!

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